Fix Salon Studio is pleased to offer certified lice removal and prevention services and products.  Trained in the Shepherd Method of safe and effective removal of nits and lice our technicians will help put you and your family at ease during what can be a very stressful situation.

Our process:
The Shepherd Method strand by strand removal technique is safe, effective, and non-toxic.  Our technicians know exactly what to look for and where.  They may even be able to offer an estimation as to how long lice have been present judging by the life stages present.  This helps you determine approximately when the infestation occurred so you may notify anyone who has been in close contact since then.  This is an on-site only service. 

Fix Salon Studio carries a variety of products to help prevent lice, ranging from sprays to shampoos and conditioners starting at just $10.  We feel strongly about regular head checks and offer them as a service to families as well as schools, camps, and child care facilities.  Our treatments include the recommended comb used during the service for continued use at home.

If you would like to try to treat yourself or your child at home, we would be happy to help you!  We offer everything you need for your treatment.  Recommended combs, shampoos, and other products are available for purchase at the salon.  Get the products you need to personalize your treatment, as well as instructions for cleaning up at home.  

How can we help?

Guaranteed Lice Removal Services

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Our line of non-toxic treatment + prevention products starts at just $10

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Is it lice?

As you can see in the photo to the left, lice are very small at all stages of their lives. Our technicians can help you identify lice or nits. They are also able to estimate how long lice have been present, helping you determine when and where they may have been introduced.

Visit us for a head check! We'll happily explain the process and show you exactly what to look for.

Facts of Lice:

What are lice?
Lice are parasites that cause infestations in humans. They have no wings live on the scalp breeding and feeding. They feed primarily on human blood.

How is lice spread?
Head lice pass from person to person when personal items such as combs, towels, clothing, hats, and hair brushes are shared.  Lice are spread most easily by direct person-to-person contact. This is often the case when children touch their heads together during play.

It is important to remember that a lice infestation is not a reflection of personal hygiene.  Lice does not discriminate and it is important to make those who share spaces with you aware that lice has been found, so that they may get checked and treated if necessary.