Color Services

Our stylists use the latest color techniques to customize each color and placement to your style.  Each formulation using the Paul Mitchell color line is mixed at our Color Bar just for you.  Learn a little about some of our different techniques below  and schedule a complimentary color consultation to see what's right for you.



French for sweeping, the balayage technique allows your stylist to handpaint highlights for a natural, sun-kissed color.

Maintenance Level: Low  
Because these highlights are painted in a way that looks lived-in already, the maintenance is minimal.  Your highlights should be refreshed every 10-12 weeks;  you may like to refresh your glaze every 5-6 weeks.  
*Balayage highlights combined with a base color/grey coverage application will require more maintenance.

Single Process Color

Also referred to as a base color, this is a great option for changing your canvas or grey coverage.  Your stylist custom-mixes your color to your desired tone.

Maintenance Level: Moderate
Your Single Process Color will require a  retouch every 6 weeks as your natural new growth becomes visible.  Depending upon the difference between your natural color and your canvas, you may want to come in earlier or wait a little longer.



Bleach and Tone

Platinum bling-bling blonde.  This color is difficult to achieve and can be a multi-appointment process, especially if you already have color on your hair.

Maintenance Level: High
This service requires a retouch about every 5 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows.  After about 6 weeks new growth typically becomes too long for the color to process at the same speed and you may need a color correction.  At-home and in-salon treatments are recommended to keep hair healthy after lightening services such as this one.


Partial or Full Highlight

A partial highlight is applied to the hair at the front hairline and extending to the crown of the head and between the ears.
A full highlight is applied to the hair from the nape of the neck to the front hairline.

Maintenance: Moderate
Because these highlights start at your base, you will notice your regrowth around 6 weeks after your service depending on your natural color.  You may prefer to get a full highlight every 2-3 services and maintain with a partial highlight between.


Unicorn/Mermaid Hair

All vivid color services require a consultation.  These colors are very difficult to achieve in one appointment.  These tones tend to fade more quickly than others and at-home care is important for longevity.

Maintenance: High
Due to the amount of lightening done on the hair prior to the color application, hair texture may be compromised.  In-salon and at-home treatments are highly recommended.  Because these colors can fade quickly, to keep colors vibrant you may want to refresh every 3-4 weeks, depending on the color and placement.